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Message from the Founder Editor

Prof Mahendra P SinghNUJS Law Review is conceived as the medium of expression and preservation of legal research. On the model of legal journals in the West, especially the United States, it is primarily run by the students of NUJS. It is not a vehicle of any particular ideology, nor is it devoted exclusively to the research conducted at NUJS. It is open to expression of any views on any legal issue arising in any part of the world. But its appearance is not dependent upon contributions received from non-NUJS scholars. Its editors take the responsibility of conducting required quality research through the students of NUJS. Thus the Review also becomes an important component of legal education, training and skills learning for the students of NUJS. By creating the opportunity at their doorsteps for seeing themselves published, the Review provides incentive to the young and creative minds for undertaking legal research and articulating it in a readable form. In the course of running the Review the editors obviously learn the art and skill of editing, but they also learn several managerial skills. The rest of the students who contribute to the Review learn the techniques of legal research and its articulation in the most convincing manner. The Review has every hope and potential to succeed in its twin objectives that may usher an era of much needed legal research in our law schools.

I fully support this venture and wish it all success.

Professor Mahendra P. Singh

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